No problem too big or too small

There are many ways in which we can help you, ranging from supporting small everyday problems (these savings soon add up) to large ones that require more in-depth support.

Our key service is a data review. This will help you to take a positive step towards realising the benefits and importance of data, as well as provide you with recommendations on how to develop a unique blueprint to get the most out of your data/systems. It should also highlight any potential quick wins. For more details on a data review, click here.

Other services we offer include:

Not too small

  • Building automated reports supporting the business – Are you getting all the right information at your fingertips?
  • Combining multiple data sources together – Do you need help to simply combine the data and make some sense of it all?
  • Modifying a system – Are you working for your system or is it working for you?
  • Creating a supporting spreadsheet – Excel is widely used for multiple purposes, but do you really understand its power?
  • Finding a ‘software as a service’ product to support the business – Do you know what the best software for your needs is?

Not too big

  • Big-picture thinking and the planning required to implement it – Do you need some help with understanding how to reach your goal?
  • Designing a system/data strategy – Do you need to build your own in-house system but don’t know where to start?
  • Implementing a new system – Do you have a new system but are unsure about the best way to implement it?
  • Conducting end-to-end business process reviews – Do you need to understand what is actually happening in your business?

We have no preconceptions and offer a confidential service. Having worked with a wide variety of businesses, we understand that everyone is different, and one size does not fit all. Therefore, a free initial meeting is always offered to understand how we can best work together to support you.